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17th June 2009

9:50am: I never get on this thing anymore. Sometimes I wonder why I have any pages since I hardly update anything. Maybe I'll just start deleting stuff soon. Tomorrow's my birthday. I know i'm going to dinner and then having a very small get together at the house, but besides that i'm just gonna be at home.

24th November 2008

3:41pm: So today i pretty much realized that I've lost one of my best friends. It sucks really bad and I'm just in such a shitty mood right now. I didn't want to admit that I saw this coming cause I didn't want for it to end like this but I guess I should of so that way it wouldn't hurt this much. So don't be offended if I'm really distant cause I don't feel up to anything right now.
Current Mood: crying

13th November 2008

1:22am: Best friends just won’t leave your side
So I feel like i've been m.i.a. from this thing for a long time. I've been just trying to figure out life and it's been kind of hard on me lately. I've been hiding in my music and just trying to get out of town as much as possible to get away from things here in san antonio. I wish I could say that everything is good but it just isn't. I've lost some things that I thought that I would never lose but I guess it just was time to give up and let things die.

So lets see since i last updated I've been everywhere. I've mainly been everywhere with my 2 best friends, Jenna and Katie. We went to Las Vegas in September for Jenna's birthday. Then me adrianna and jenna went to okc to see katie and valencia. In October we all went to NYC, NJ, FL, TX, and OK to see The Rocket Summer/Phantom Planet/The Secret Handshake. It's was soo much fun. We did a total of 10 shows on that tour. Its was one of the best times I had because I was with the 2 of them. They make me forget all of the bad that I have to come back to. Last week me and jenna went to okc again to visit katie and to see our boys in ftsk. it was soo much fun but i miss katie already.

i have some big things in store coming up and i can't wait for it. i'm gonna try and make some changes within so that way i can be so much more happier. i need this to work cause i don't know how much longer i can keep going on with the way that i feel inside.

this probably doesn't make any sense but i just felt that i need to get some things out on my chest. i bet probably only about 2-4 people actually get what i'm talking about in here. lets see........
Current Mood: depressed

31st May 2008

9:46am: FTSK Dallas May 23, 2008
So last week I went to Dallas to see Forever The Sickest Kids/ Metro Station/ The Maine/ Danger Radio/ The Cab. I also went to Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Out of all four of these shows I would have to say that Dallas was amazing!! Me and my friends donated blood that day so we decided to do skip the line and get seat in the balcony at the House Of Blues. That was probably the smart thing cause after seeing the crowd go absolutely crazy during all the bands I don't think that I would of lasted.

First up was The Cab. This was my 5th time seeing them. It was amazing like always. I love the way that Alex(singer) moves around the stage and interacts with the crowd. Ian is an amazing guitar player. I love his solos. It was good to see them from on the balcony cause you could see everyone and how they work together.

Danger Radios set was up now. There is nothing bad to say about them. They are so good. The crowd went crazy for them at all of the shows. I mean they just all fit together. I love Andrews voice. They are also a very nice group of guys. If you get the chance to talk to them, do!!

The Maine is next. I really hadn't heard much of them before this. I saw them once at bamboozle but I really wasn't paying attention cause I was just trying to survive in their crazy crowd. They are pretty good though. I wish that their singer had more crowd interaction but hey I can't dismiss a band because of that. All in all they put on a really good show.

Metro station's set was really good. No matter how much I don't want to admit I really like them. I love their songs they are so catchy. They all work together so well. Anthony is a really great drummer. I just wish there wasn't about 456789 little girls trying to get at them.

Finally it was Forever The Sickest Kids set. Right after Metro they closed the curtain to set up. It made the anticipation worse cause you couldn't even see anything. But then right when they opened the curtain it went crazy. It was so amazing. It's good to see them from not right in front. I loved seeing them from far away cause you could just see how well they all just fit in with each other. It's like they were meant to all be in a band together. I love Austin's moves, Caleb's voice, Jonathan and Kent's interactions with the crowd, Kyle's drumming skills are amazing, and Marc is a great guitarist. So they played, IDKAYBICTD, Hey Britney, Whoa-oh!, Phone Call, Believe me, and either that for me or catastrophe(I can't remember), she's a lady, and an encore of breakdown. A pretty great set if you ask me. After their set you were able to find everyone of them out which was really cool since it was a hometown show and their families were there. But they all signed things and took pictures. I can't wait to see them on warped. it's going to amazing to hopefully hear some other songs from the CD.

30th January 2008

2:06pm: A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
So it looks like this year has started off really rocky. There is soo much going on in my life that its starting to take a toll on me.

It seems that the most part of last year was amazing. March, May, June, July, September, October, and November were the best months last year.

March=SXSW. Which by far was the best one yet. NJ girls, Treaty Of Paris, The Rocket Summer, tons of bands, and lots of fun.

May=Bamboozle. Theres nothing better than going up to NJ to see the girls and have fun!

June=Vegas for the first time. Winning some money was a great part. So was running into Treaty of Paris at the hotel casino.

July=NJ again for Valencia, FTSK, Self Against City. What more do I have to say?

September/October=The Rocket Summer, The Academy IS..., Sherwood. One of the best tours last year.

November=NJ again for Julies birthday/The Rocket Summer/The Academy Is..., Sherwood, and Bayside/ADTR.

Can you tell where I love to go??

But then last year also brought some troubling times. I seemed to have had a friend who really wasn't my friend in the first place. She seemed to just talk about me behind my back. But I'm soo much better off without her in my life. It made me realize who my real friends are. And its sad to say that some of the people who I was close to I'm really not close to them anymore. It's sad to watch one of my friendships slowly just fad away. I don't know what to do anymore. It's so sad and it kills me inside. but i just stay quiet cause i don't know what to say or do anymore.

But then I just think about what this year has to offer me. There is soo much that is going to go on that I don't think I'm going to have time to dwell on all the bad that I have in my life right now. I'm soo stoked for the first 6 months of this year. It's going to be filled with great times and even greater friends. This is what I have planned already for this year.

Feb. 7 Jenna, Kristen, Rachel, and I are going to San Marcos to go and see Ludo
Feb. 8 Jenna and I are flying to NJ to spend time with our NJ girls
Feb. 9 We're going to see Socratic in NJ, then possibly NYC
Feb. 10 We're going to see Houston Calls in Allentown, PA
Feb. 11 Is a sad day cause we're leaving our second home, NJ
Feb. 14 Jenna, Juanita, and I are going to see Sherwood, The Matches in Austin
Feb. 22 Jenna, Juanita, and I are gonna head to Austin again to see Cobra, and Metro Station.
Feb. 23 Jenna and I are going to see FTSK here in SA
Mar. 11 Jenna and I are gonna see Self Against City
Mar. 13 Elisha, maybe Julie should be here for SXSW to see AOF and Ludo
Mar. 14 Is The Rocket Summer in Houston
Mar. 15 SXSW
Mar. 15 The Rocket Summer at Emos
Mar. 16 Is The Rocket Summer in Dallas
Mar. 29 Jenna, Kristen, Brandon, and I are going to see Treaty Of Paris in Austin
April 9th Jenna and I are seeing Bayside and The Starting Line at the White Rabbit.
April 10th Jenna and I are going to Austin to see Metro Station, Armor for Sleep and Jenna's going also to see Saves the Day.
April 16th Jenna and I are seeing Mae and Between the Trees in Houston(hopefully they will hurry up and announce more dates in Texas!)
April 25-May 5th Jenna, Mom, and Me will be on the east coast visiting family
April 30 Jenna, Mom, and I will be seeing TRS in Allentown with the NJ girls
May 3&4 Jenna, Mom, NJ girls, and I will be at Bamboozle
May 30-June 2 I should be in Vegas with Jenna and Mom to see Treaty Of Paris?? (not to sure yet. I'm waiting for the dates to be announced)
June 18th is my 25th birthday and I'm going somewhere just not too sure where yet.

So this list makes me realize how much fun I'm going to be having. I just hope that the rest of the years is just like the first half. I'm planning on going back to school in the fall. I'm not too sure what I'm going back for yet. But it's between a kindergarten teacher or an EMT.

This is a lot longer than I planned on this being. It feels good just to be able to talk about what's been going on. I can't wait to get a fresh start on life!!!
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16th May 2007

9:21am: MARCH OF DIMES!!!
Please if you could help my sister out with raising money for the march of dimes. Here is her story:

Jacob was born 9 weeks premature after mom was on hospital bedrest for 8 weeks, jacob was a hefty 4lbs 12.5 oz.. He spent 8 week in the Nicu, dealing with apena and 1 surgery. Jacob came home on Christmas eve just days from when he was due. Jacob has a great older brother Brandon who he adores. Jacob is now 2 yrs old and healthy as any other toddler. Thank you for reading my story, please help find a way to stop and help premature births.

If you could please help in any way that would be awesome. If you can't donate please join a walk in your town when it happens.

Click here to donate

Every year, half a million babies in the U.S. are born prematurely. Premature birth is the leading cause of newborn death and many life long disabilities. The funds we raise in Walk America support research that saves babies' lives.

Our mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.

5th April 2007

12:11pm: You believe in love in the ever after
So it's been about 3 weeks since sxsw and I'm just now gonna update on that. It was soo much fun. I got to see so many people i wouldn't normally see. We(jenna, midea, adriana, and me) drove up to Austin on Thursday. Meet up with the jersey girls and their friends. We saw Socratic, House of Fools, and Self Against City. It was such a great show. We left shortly after SVC cause we wanted to go and check into our hotel, and I swear i hated the girl at the counter. it was 430 and they "said" they didn't have any room clean. So I just asked to check in and get my key later well it turned out our room was ready. So we got to our room, got ready, and headed out. We went to town lake stage to go and see the rocket summer. We talked to tara for a little bit and then went and watch Bryce be Bryce. it was soo much fun. Talked to him for a little bit afterwards and tried to convince him that we weren't going to the s.a. show. but midea couldn't lie to him anymore. We then left and decided to go and see Socratic. We ended up getting lost trying to find the place since they had moved it since the last time we knew where it was. Finally found it and missed the first song. Rachel meet up with us there. Tim from ludo was there and rachel loved that. Really didn't enjoy the hush sound. We ended up leaving before house of fools cause we were really tired. Wend back to the hotel and passed out.

Friday was such a great day. Got up and meet rachel and kristen at ihop for lunch before heading over to the treaty of paris show. We ended up getting their at about 130 and they didn't go on until about 340. Ended up talking to Dan for a while. Said hello to mike and phil. I was so excited to finally see them again since it had been about a year and a half since we last saw them. Found out some good things about what's going on with them. They did so good, but hopefully one day we will be able to see a set longer than 20min. We finally meet the Brandon and Chris(the newest memebers), they were soo nice. Took pictures and then ended up leaving since i had to drive me, adrianna, sara, and elisha back to san antonio for the rocket summer, early november show. Meet up with Jenna, Midea, and Johanna. That show was so fun. Bryce makes us all crack up. I love that kid. Talked to him for a good amount of time. Ended up saying our goodbyes, and headed to get some food and then everyone went back to my house for a huge sleep over.

Saturday morning got up hella early to wait for sean to come over. My mom ended up getting us some breakfast tacos. We all got ready and headed back to austin for the alternative press free show. That is where all the fun began. It was st. patricks day and I decided i was gonna get drunk. So we all started early. I had a couple of drinks at emos but that's not where it ended. I watched The spill canvas, envy on the coast, jacks mannequin, cute is what we aim for, spitalfield, as tall as lions. The treaty of paris boys were there and i ended up talking with them a lot there and we decided that we should meet up later that night. So we ended up going back to hat same hotel to check in. we got to our room and their was ants crawling up the wall and a bug in one of the beds. I was not going to stay there. So i went to the front desk and all the stupid woman said she could do was refund me our money. So i called around to different hotels and finally found one that had a room available. So we go and check in there and we get ready to head back downtown. Me and kristen started drinking in the hotel room. We ended up at this one bar that had $2 drink specials. That night got pretty out of hand and crazy. But it was fun hanging out with the treaty of paris boys. I bought shots for everyone there and ended up paying for a lot of drinks. but its all ok cause everyone had a great night. After we left we went back to the hotel and passed out.

Ended up getting up early with kristen and we went to sonic for some breakfast and then to walmart for some things. Got back to the hotel and packed everything up and went to sara, elisha, and lisa's hotel room for some pinata fun. it was crazy and funny. Took a lot of pictures. Ended up leaving because we had to go back to san antonio. Got home and then we left right after dropping off all of our bags. Me and Jenna headed down to the sanctuary to see Gracer and Everybody Else. It was a lot of fun. The gracer boys crack me up. Ended up making plans for a dinner or fiesta as they called it, at johannas. Finally got home and went to bed.

Monday I had to work and then again on tuesday. I ended up taking wendesday off since that was the day of the fiesta. That was a lot of fun. Paul ended up falling in love with johanna's dog cookies. it was cute. We saw anberlin on the 24th. we were all excited about that show cause Christian ex-acceptance is now in anberlin. we ended up talking to him for almost an hour afterwards about a whold bunch of different things. it was nice to see him again.

Last wednesday we saw the secret handshake, valencia, all time low, and hit the lights. that was a great show. i ended up being the only one to stay in the crowd the entire show. Even though I now wish i didn't. oh well. ended up talking with jd from valencia until the rest of the band called him cause they wanted to go. He made fun of midea which was awesome. Talked about boozebamle or booze fest '99. And a whole bunch of random other things. I think he thought we were pretty much weird. But that's just how we roll.

This saturday is Mae/Relient K! I can't wait to see mae again. it's gonna be a blast. plus my mom gets to see them for the first time. Then next weekend theres some big thing thats gonna happen. I can't go into detail about that but i will say afterwards.

So besides shows and such, we finally found a house. We move in on the 21st. So if anyone is willing to help? It's a nice 2 story house and we all love it. When we get the keys i will post pictures of what it looks like. I just can't wait to get out of this hell hole of apartment. I finally get my own room again!! Boozebamle is in 1 month. I can't wait. Midea is now officially going. We sold at a flea market and made over $200. We bought her plane ticket the other day. She's soo excited. So this year its going to be me, jenna, midea, johanna, and adrianna flying out from texas. theres soo many good bands playing. mae, anberlin, houston calls, treaty of paris, valencia, and tons of more. Texas is going to invade New Jersey!!!

Not much more to say. Hopefully I'll update this soon with some pictures.
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1st December 2006

11:11pm: Want one???
So it's that time again when I send out Christmas cards. So if any of my friends want one please just send me a message with your address and I will send one your way! Let me know before the 15th since I will be out of town for that weekend and after that you might not get it in time. Thanks and I hope to hear from you.

Happy Holidays,
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18th September 2006

12:33pm: So i've come to realize that everything is changing. Not too sure if its a good thing yet or it's gonna end up being really bad. I just can't stand being around anymore. I hate being ignored and unwanted, cause this is how i feel all the time, but theres nothing that i can do about it.

So if i don't seem the same anymore its cause i've grown up a little and i've made the decision to start anew and just forget about everything that ever made me be the way that I was. I'm gonna move on from the shit that I hate and make me happy. I'm done with making sure everyone else is happy before me. Things happened this weekend that really pissed me off and this is what is making me feel this way. I'm not even gonna go into detail about it cause i don't wanna hear any excuses from anyone or any bullshit. It's all over for me.
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26th August 2006

8:27pm: so by far this is the most lamest saturday night ever. I'm sitting at home playing games on the computer while my mom is out and jenna is in jersey. So basically it's pretty lame. I need a life and more friends for real!

16th August 2006

9:37pm: So my bestest friend/sister is going to new jersery in a week and a half and I'm soo happy/excited for her! She deserves this like no other. For the past 3 years her and Jen have been wanting to see a hometown houston calls show and finally its gonna happen!!

I wish I could go but I gave my money to jenna so that way she could afford to go. I can't wait to hear all the stories.

15th August 2006

10:20am: Anyone???
Taken from Everyone...

1. Name:
2. Age/Birthday:
3. Single or Taken:
4. Favorite Movie:
5. Favorite Song:
6. Favorite Band/Rapper/Artist:
7. Favorite Book/Comic Book:
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:
9. Favorite TV Show:
10. Favorite Video Game/Board Game:
11. Do we know each other outside of Livejournal?:
12. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
13. If you could change anything about your current life, would you?:
14. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
15. What is your AIM screename?

8th August 2006

9:42pm: So I have a new found respect for hawthorne heights. I still may not like their music and but have respect for what they did. That takes some huge balls to just call all that shit out.

27th July 2006

10:54pm: So tomorrow i'm leaving for 10 days to go on a trip with my friend and her family to florida.so i might be a little absent here, but i'm woah excited. i hope that it is a lot of fun but i know it will be cause i get to make fun of serena for 10 days...haha.

But anyways i'm going to try and get some postcards and send them out. so if your lovely face would like one just send me an e-mail(emostarlove7@tmail.com) and i will send one your way. Hopefully I'll get to see some of you when i get back.

love ya

20th July 2006

11:32pm: everyone go and listen to de sole and brandtson and the rocket summer because tonight brought back a lot of memories. thats it for tonight. goodnight

3rd July 2006

10:36am: Like we never knew each other at all....
So yesterday was warped. All in all it was a wonderful day. It started off and ended a little shitty but i mean thats what I get. I woke up in such pain and I'm still in pain right now. I think that I might have a pinched nerve in my back. So I called my sister and she was so nice enough to bring me some painkillers. So that eased my pain throughout the day. We leave my house and get there and its raining but it seemed to let up once we got out of the car. So we get in the cingular line and get in right away, get a schedule. I figured out who all i needed to see and I didn't care about anything else. I saw what time Motion City Soundtrack was doing their signing and thankfully it didn't interfere with anyone elses set! So we walk around for a bit and of course we run into De'Mar. What a loser...haha. Talk for a bit and then watch some of Amber Pacific. We then decide to look for some peeps merch tents. run into the butcher and talk to him/take pics.

Then decided to head on over to see The Plain White T's. They were good. But Tom's dancing gets worse everytime I see them. But their new song kept making me crack up(love, love, love, etc.) So after their set I have no idea where everyone else was going but I said bye really quick and went off on my own with rachel. I get in line for the MCS signing. I'm about 30 or so kids back. I'm so glad that it wasn't that long yet. My mom ended up coming over with me. So I wait for about 30 min. and then I see them! I get all excited(for those of you who don't know they are like my favorite band of all time!) So we meet them and by we i mean me and my mom. It was soo cute they way justin looked up at my mom and got all surprised to see i guess a mom in the line. But it was cute. I love them all to death they are soo nice.

So after that we walked around for a bit and i see that over it was gonna play in like 15 min. and there was no one but like 5 kids waiting to see them. So i head over to the stage and get my spot right in front of pete. Then I IM'd fabi to see if she knew when Gym Class Heroes were gonna have their signing. So I find out and my mom goes and checks the AP booth and says theres not a long line. So I have her hold my spot and I got and wait in line. While in line I see Tom from PWT's and talk to him for a bit. Then I swear every little girl starts to talk to him. So I just lean in and tap him on the shoulder and say "Tom I need a pic" and so he just turns and comes and talks to me. It was kind of funny cause I got some looks from all the girls. So back to GCH, It was cute that they remembered me from the last show. So after that I head back for over it. They had just started playing. Their set was really good. Pete kept looking at me and smiling. After their set I headed over to their merch to talk with Pete. I love that kid. He asked me for a hug and then he thanked me for supporting them and it means a lot. He then told me something about a certain band. Then I talked to Nick for a few and then I headed off to watch Hellogoodbye. I love them cause they have soo much energy.

After them I set off to watch probably less than 2 songs of Saves the day and then decided to leave and just walk around. I really didn't wanna stay for the whole set...sorry. Decided to go and see Cartel but then left after a couple of songs to see GCH. Their set is always soo good. I left during their last song to try and get a good spot for chiodos. I got a pretty decent one. I only saw a couple of songs because midea told me to hurry up and get to main stage for TAI but I could of stayed a lot longer. So I was pretty bummed about that cause I missed my all time favorite song. So i head over there and anti-flag was on. Then The Academy Is... came on. Their set was really good. I wish it was longer and we had better spots. So right after their set was done. I headed accross the floor.

I pushed my way through lots and lots of little girls so that was I could see the one and only MCS!! I got right in the middle of the crowd. I was getting pushed and shoved but I didn't care. I was so lost in the moment. I love these guys so much and their music means soo much to me. I was just screaming along to every single word of every song. I was so glad to just be there for that moment. I left 2 songs early to try and get over to Paramores set. I get water which took forever and catch the last paramore song. Which was great. So we walk around for a bit and eventually ended up going to sit down to watch underoath. They were amazing as they always are. The NOFX crowd really pissed me off cause they were flipping underoath off cause they got an extra 10 minutes to play. But it didn't bother them it was cute some of the things that spencer would say to them. We decided to leave right after them.

So all in all yesterday I meet/talked to.
De'Mar and Tom of Plain White T's
Spencer of Underoath
Jesse and Forrest of hellogoodbye
Hunter of Paramore
Anthony of Armor for Sleep
Butcher of The Academy Is...
Motion City Soundtrack
Pete, Nick, Seth of Over It
Gym Class Heroes

I believe that was it.

My day ended pretty shitty but i'm not gonna really go into that. So today is Brand New and its 11:00 and I'm still not sure if we have a 100% sure way of getting up to Austin. but I hope that my friend gets back to me soon. I guess I should go and finish getting ready. I will update again soon about the mashlin/socratic show, the valencia show, and brand new.
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1st June 2006

4:39am: creepy
So me and jenna are in the living room watching a marathon of ghost hunters on sci-fi and its the episode right before the season finale. Its the top 20 episodes. It gets to the number one scene. And it starts saying "here's the number one. It hits close to home" at that exact moment the power goes out follwed by a huge bang. Me and jenna get scared out of our minds. I grab my sidekick and make the lights come one. Call for my mom cause I know she has a flashlight in her room. Light about 4567567 candles and now thanks to candles, sidekicks, and ipods we're sitting in the living room hanging out listening to music and taking pictures. Its hott and I'm tired but I can't sleep when I'm hot. I just saw the electric peoples trucks outside so I hope that they fix the problems soon cause I gotta get up and go to work in the morning. So how was your night??
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16th May 2006

12:50pm: Where did the time go?
So wow I can't think of a reason why I haven't updated this thing in soo long. Not much has happened. I mean things have happened but nothing bad. it's pretty much been all good. This is gonna be a picture post because I don't wanna update about everything that has happened since feb. cause that's when i last updated. I've been to a lot of shows since then. Saw MAE/Over it(2x), SXSW, MCS, the plain white t's, the spill canvas, Waking Ashland(2x) Relient K, Maxeen and The Rocket Summer(3x). I went to dallas with the family, florida with jenna and johanna and to new jersey and new york city. I love road trips. Except when they turn bad like the one to florida did but going to NYC was amazing. I went with jenna and midea. things happened that were life changing and lovely. Finally meet jersey jen. She's such an amazing person. Had some sweet times with Bryce. Love that kid more and more each time.
So now here starts the pictures*warning there are a lot of pictures*Collapse )
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6th April 2006

11:35pm: Yes i'm back!!
Guess who i'm seeing july 1st and 3rd???

BRAND NEW!!! yes that's right. brand f'ing new.

2nd March 2006

9:36pm: Please help!!
Hey it's that time of year again where I am asking for help. This is my sisters second year participating in the march of dimes walk. My youngest nephew was born 8 weeks premature. So please visit my sisters site and if you could please donate and help support research that saves babies' lives.


Please donate

28th February 2006

6:35pm: Karmas a bitch.
So I received a phone call today from davids (wait for it wait for it) wife. Well she was trying to find out who I was and why he was calling me. She said she knew all of his friends. Basically I told her I was a friend from high school and that we had dated in the past. She asked me when was the last time we dated and I told her the last time was '04/'05. Which it was. She was shocked cause that's when they were dating and she had his baby in '05. I mean I wasn't gonna lie to the girl. Then I told her I hope that this doesn't cause any problems but in december he called me telling me he wanted to get back with me and work things out. I might have just broken up his marriage but you know what its what he deserves. Especially when he's trying to get with me and he's married. That's pretty messed up. So I'm planning on him calling me soon to tell me something. But I'm just gonna tell him he gets what he deserves. if she calls me again I can think of some more things to tell her to. I do think that this whole thing made my week/day/month better.

Tomorrow I will have a somewhat update about last week with pictures. I don't feel like doing it right now cause I still feel like crap.
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19th February 2006

6:05pm: everyone go here and let me know what you think.


3rd February 2006

3:14pm: So I totally agree with what jenna said in her journal. I guess I need to find some decent friends to hang out with. But I mean really who needs them when I have an awesome sister to hang out with who isn't fake. A lot of changes are going to happen in the next few weeks. I'm just not sure how they are going to happen or what the aftermath is going to look like. But oh well.

29th January 2006

11:25pm: So i'm pretty much happy that MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK got added for bamboozle.

If you know me you pretty much now how in love I am with MCS so you can only imagine how happy I was when I saw this....that is all for now.

16th January 2006

12:53am: Hey everyone I got a hiplog. I might actually update that more than this thing cause it's probably easier. so check it out

Check out my hiplog

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